High-End Salon Quality Hair Care Made Affordable

Welcome Friends with Locs & Loc Curiosos!!!

My name is Shana and I LOVE locs and I want to see more!!!

With over 20 years of experience creating and maintaining locs, I can assure you I have seen and dealt with every loc scenario imaginable. I have worked from home and in elite specialty hair salons in Montreal, Gatineau/Ottawa, Toronto, Barbados, and Los Angeles.

I do your hair with the same quality and care that I use doing my own hair. I am very proud of my work and I make 110% sure that you are satisfied and rock your amazing locs (and that my reputation remain intact ;)

The sole reason I decided to start a website and expand is because I want to offer people who are interested in starting locs and those who require assistance maintaining their current locs an opportunity to do so at an affordable rate with high-end salon results.

Whether you have kinky curly hair or bone straight hair, great looking locs start with knowing about your unique hair chemistry, understanding the "journey of loc formation", and learning how to take care of your locs (or by paying someone talented, skilled, and awesome who does it all).

All appointments are booked with extra time so that you and I have the time we need to chit chat, relax, and be focused on you and your locs (of course you only pay for the time spent getting your hair done).

I have created three different sets of locs on my own natural hair in my lifetime. My first creation had me swinging 86 gorgeous thick locs and my current set consists of 215 micro locs! There are quite a few things I have learned along the way that I wish I had known from day one. My goal is for this website to provide everything I would have liked to know about locs from root to tip.

What to Expect & Creation Techniques

Twist/Palm Roll/Interloc/Crochet/Combo Methods

So you want to be fancy, eh?