CREATION: (starting locs from scratch with loose natural hair)

Please make sure you read LOC MYTHS & REALITIES for more details for making your big decision!

Methods: (approximates depend on your hair length and thickness and the size of locs you want)

1) Palm Roll/Twist & Wrap - for black kinky hair only

- Half head approximately 1.5-2 hours $75-$100

- Full head approximately 2-3 hours $100-$150

* This is the original and fastest way to start locs. It is also the easiest to learn if you want to maintain your own locs.

* This method does not stay neat for as long as some of the other creation methods.

2) Interloc - any hair type

* Please note I do not create entire locs using this method because I find there are more disadvantages than advantages on both kinky and straight hair. I only create 2-3 safe and closed interlocs at the root of a loc in order to maintain neatness and tightness for a longer period of time. 

3) Crochet - any hair type

- Half head approximately 4-6 hours $200-$300

- Full head approximately 6-9 hours $300-$450

*This is the only method I use, with the addition of backcombing, for creating locs in straight hair.

* This method is more time consuming, however, it does produce a very nice looking loc and tends to form into a true loc faster than any other method.

My Loc Creation Method Preference - for black kinky hair only

- Half head approximately 3-4 hours $150-$200

- Full head approximately 5-7 hours $250-$350

* I have developed my own combo method that I feel make the nicest looking loc while maintaining maximum hair/loc length. I use a mix of crochet, twist and wrap using a micro latch hook, and 2-3 safe and closed interlocs at the root.  

A true loc can only be formed with time.
How much time? Well, it depends on your hair texture, length, and the thickness of the loc. It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for a loc to form to the point where it is heavy enough to drop and hang. What makes a loc form, drop, and hang is simply the process of not combing the hair and removing all the dead hair. What happens is the hair tangles to such a point that it also traps the hair that would normally fall out. The accumulation of this additional weight is what makes a loc form.

So what is creation?

What I do is section your hair and create the shape of the loc and then use tools to force the hair to tangle so the loc process can be controlled and happen faster.

I am a clip using a fool!!!

As you can see from the picture above, sometimes locs have their own directional path to follow... I use clips to keep the locs going in the same direction. This also helps keep a creation/maintenance neat and stretched for as long as possible.

About a month and a half after creation above. The locs are thickening up and forming very quickly due to this clients type of hair texture.

After first maintenance pictures below.

I will continue to post pictures of this client's loc journey :)